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Well, I feel incredibly silly just talking to myself, but not half as silly as whoever has to listen to this, I imagine.

At any rate, this is Luvander, and it appears I'm not available for communication at the moment - I'm an incredibly busy and important person, you really shouldn't feel too bad about it. If you really, truly and desperately need to reach me at my earliest convenience, do feel free to ramble on at your leisure once the tone plays. If it is an emergency, try not to shout, I've been assured that doesn't help at all. If you want to make sure I call back as soon as humanly possible, offer me a drink. If you want to confess your undying love, you really ought to know better, a letter is far more romantic.

If you don't feel like listening to the end of this message, try to call again later instead. Though I do realize that I should probably have said that at the start of my message.

Anyway, if you have something to say, now is the time to do so. Or just send a text or a picture if you find yourself temporarily overwhelmed.

[Beep. This is too long. Why is he like this?]
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The Basics
Canon: The Volstovic Cycle
Character Name: Luvander
Character Journal: [personal profile] theveilisin
Player Name: Emi
Best contact method: [ profile] sweetjerry

You remind me of someone, but I can't quie put my finger on it. )
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LUVANDER, [alias: Yesfir]

RESIDENCE: Heropa 033 [see: Hell, Aleksandr Nikolaevich; Mandrake, John; Kang]

POWERS: Dragon soul summoning. Dragon is incorporeal to all but the subject, capable of flight and breathing fire. Appears sentient, but it's unclear whether this is merely a projection of the subjects recollections of its behavior. Cannot be maintained while subject is unconscious or similarly incapacitated.

MEDICAL HISTORY: Scarring indicates extensive previous damage to throat, chest and abdomen, although the wound appears to have healed without further complications. Both hip joints show sign of previous trauma, most likely caused by posterior dislocation, resulting in some lasting damage to the sciatic nerve in the subject's left leg. Possible arthritis may eventually demand further procedures. Furthermore there is scarring from what appears to be a number of older burns and lacerations.

NOTES: Previously employed by the government of Volstov [compare: Russia; USSR] as a member of the Dragon Corps, an elite air force trained to ride mechanical dragons. Drafted at age 15 after brief contact with one of the dragons, which show signs of artificial intelligence. Was among [REDACTED] survivors out of 14 airmen at the end of the war; no dragons appear to have survived.
After retirement from the military, the subject ran a hat shop, which doubled as head quarters for a number of revolutionary elements. An attempt to break the leader of this movement out of prison culminated in the overthrowing of the current monarch [The Esar, compare: Tsar], his subsequent demise and replacement.
Currently employed in customer service at [REDACTED] Department Store.


Nov. 15th, 2014 11:06 pm
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 Concrit goes here!


Oct. 16th, 2014 07:22 am
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 Beep boop this is an inbox placeholder
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ARE YOU AT LEAST 16 YEARS OLD?: Damn kids, get off my lawn
CONTACT: [ profile] sweetjerry
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Fai Flourite [personal profile] comparative_insanity Souji Okita [personal profile] spes_phthisica.

I’ll have you know that I happen to be universally beloved wherever I go. It’s as though a magician put a spell on me at a very young age in order to make me happy and successful for the rest of my life. )
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Player Information
Player name: Emi
Contact: [ profile] sweetjerry
Are you over 18: Yea verily yea.
Characters in the game already: Nope.
Proof of Reserve: The link's the thing!

“Ah, Balfour,” Luvander said. “Dreaming big, as always. We flew once, remember?” )


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